all that remains of the memories wiped away

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Crookshanks wandered over to them, leapt lightly into an empty chair, and stared inscrutably at Harry, rather as Hermione might look if she knew they weren’t doing their homework properly.

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R a v e n c l a w  E l s a

re-reblogging for the Q U A L I T Y

If I don’t reblog this, assume someone has pushed me off of the edge of the earyh

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i literally never get tired of this post

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the golden trio tumblr text posts

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The Original Twelve

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I thought I was strong enough to reblog this without crying.

I was wrong.

I gotta say, this is one of the scenes (this, and Mufasa’s death scene in The Lion King, big surprise) that shaped me as a kid because it was forever embedded into my head that people you love leave and will never come back. Yeah it’s supposed to be a bittersweet goodbye in that Butterfree is going to be with the Pokemon he loves but he’s leaving this kid that raised him to be this awesomely beautiful Pokemon. As a kid it didn’t make sense to me and it made me kinda sorta incredibly sad.

I think I still have trouble forming emotional connections because of this. 

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Yukari in a swimsuit cuz that’s original.

Here’s the process:

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I… tagged myself???


I’m INFJ (Counselor, part of the Idealists: INFJs are private, preferring one-on-one friendships to crowds, and often quiet about their own feelings. They are often thoughtful, artistic, and wise, and prefer to operate behind the scenes.)

1. Marco Bodt (Shingeki no Kyojin)
2. Will Graham (Hannibal)
3. Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
4. Kieren Walker (In The Flesh)
5. Combeferre (Lés Miserables)
6. Phil Coulson (MCU)
7. Mako Mori (Pacific Rim)
8. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of thrones)
9. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)
10. Ianto Jones (Torchwood)

(also I’m tagging everyone who’s following me! do it, it’s fun.)

I’m ENTP (Inventor, part of the Rationals: ENTPs are clever and analytical, often with quick wits and a quicker tongue. They love arguing just for the sake of arguing. They aren’t fans of planning and prefer a spontaneous lifestyle. They’re almost always thinking outside the box, and are easily bored.)

I feel like I’m pretty inconsistent whenever I take these tests, but for now it seems like fun listing ten characters that may be like me… I dunno.

1. Sokka & Bumi (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
2. Hange Zoe (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin)
3. Dr. Emmett L. “Doc” Brown (Back to the Future)
4. Detective John Munch (Law & Order: SVU)
5. Richard Castle (Castle)
6. Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!) 
7. Santana Lopez (Glee)
8. Peter “Star-Lord” Quill (The Guardians of the Galaxy)
9. Fred & George Weasley (Harry Potter series)
10. Luke (Modern Family)

I… don’t feel remotely as clever as any of these characters. ^^’l’ Followers, do this!